Introduction | Skills for Youth

The SKILLS FOR YOUTH project wishes to raise awareness of the difficulties young people in Europe are facing when they try to enter the labour market.

·          Under 25-year-olds find it hard to enter into employment because they lack the right skills and have little or no work experience. At the same time EU companies are more and more in need of skilled workers, dynamic and talented young people to fill in the vacancies the increasing number of elderly workers leave behind.

·          The exchange of skills and experience between the generations, the new impetus and ideas a young employee can bring into the workplace are all reasons to be considered by decision-makers.

·          Work-based training  is a key element in preparing young people for the demands of the labour market. Be it in school workshops or at companies, gaining the right set of professional and soft skills is essential for a life-long, successful career path.

Governments, public employment authorities, educational experts and companies have to work together in order to create an environment that offers better education, training, apprenticeships for young people; better possibilities for companies to take on new trainees and apprentices; better cooperation in overcoming skills mismatches and the alarmingly high youth unemployment rate in Europe. 



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